John Mackie

Scottish born artist best known for his landscapes, cityscapes and portraits. Equally at home working in oil on canvas or pastels on paper or board, John has a growing reputation both at home and abroad.

About John

My name is John Campbell Mackie and I have been drawing and painting for sixty years. I started at the Glasgow school of art (1972-1976) where I was fortunate to have 3 great tutors: John Cunningham Duncan Shanks and Dr. David Donaldson (The Queens painters (Portrait) for Scotland). I received W.H Shanks prize for drawing. I also won a travelling scholarship to study American painting in the USA. I also studied Thom Thompson and the group of seven in Canada.

In the USA I was so impressed by Winslow Homer and Eward Hopper but Thom Thompson in Canada was just mindblowing with his amazing use of colour. In 1979 I travelled to Carcassonne a medieville village in the south of France.

I also visited Narbonne (where I picked grapes), Nice, St. Tropez and many other old villages up in the hills and valleys. Montpellier will always be in my heart and mind, as my avenues.