Testimonials from Commissioned Pieces.

Billy & Seve

"I was very grateful when John Mackie did an oil Painting for me in January 2015 but was not prepared for the sheer brilliance of his work!

John worked from a photograph that I supplied him of myself and 'The Grand Senior' Seve Ballesteros at the Open Championship (1991) at Royale Birkdale. A photograph that in my 33 years of being on tour is the one that I hold true to my heart, so nothing short of perfection was going to overly impress me."

After a few weeks John brought the painting up to my house as he wanted to see my reaction for himself and I'm sure he was thrilled. When he arrived I remember thinking God I hope this isn't a caricature type looking picture and I'm going to have to look happy and say 'yeah John That's great!' I caught a slight glimpse and Thought no! It can't be that good? When John revealed his masterpiece I actually filled up with emotion and the hairs on my arms tingled! I was actually blown away by how true to life it was.

I truly believe it is actually better than the photograph and it brought back great memories of working with a legend of the game. The painting will have pride of place in my house and I will cherish it forever.

My wife Lisa had not seen the painting and I was out but I received a simple text message 'Wow fantastic painting!' What more needs to be said apart from Respect Mr Mackie and Thank you!!!!"

-Billy Foster-

John Barnes - Sinking the Putt

"If ever you want a portrait painted then I would have no hesitation in recommending John Mackie to do it, he is a very talented and well respected artist with an international reputation. He has a very empathetic manner and getting to know the individual is almost important as the image he creates. By doing so he is able to capture the personality of the individual. My daughter Leah encouraged me to have one done and when she saw it in John's studio she said' that's my dad!' it was how she saw me and that was good enough for me. When you see a painting of yourself for the first time it is a self conscious experience as you have an image of yourself in your own mind; a portrait captures how others see you and that is the magic of it. Each time I look at it I see some greater detail that John's eye has noted and managed to capture. A captivating and a well worthwhile experience! and hopefully memory for many years and even generations to come."

-John Barnes-

Tim O'Connor

"The portrait of Tim, my lovely father, its so real it's just like he's about to talk. I love everything about the painting, it's a million times better than a photograph. John has captured his personality in how he looks and it's like having him in the room with us where the painting hangs. I know Tim would have loved this painting as much as me if he was here with us today."

-Vanessa O'Connor-

Prof Gavin Reid

"I first knew of John Mackie through his pastels, especially of St Andrews in Scotland, where I live. I became a collector of his works, and acquired oil paintings as well, including a beautiful early oil of Canet Plage. I noticed in a catalogue that his skills and imagination extended to portraiture, for he had created a remarkable and insightful portrait of Michael Kelly. Michael had been my inspiring first tutor in economics at Aberdeen University, then was subsequently Professor of Economics at Strathclyde University, and finally Lord Provost of Glasgow.

My art-loving daughter Annabel made enquiry of John about crafting a portrait of me. Then began a pleasurable process of knowing John as an artist, and as an individual, over the period the work was created. It was a pleasure and a privilege to be involved in this process, from the first, fast preliminary outline sketch in charcoal, to the final coat of varnish being applied once the portrait had ‘settled’. John put me at ease throughout, and completely involved me in the choice of location, my attire and my pose. We talked a great deal about art: about interpretation, aesthetics, and techniques; about materials, locations and skills; and inevitably about characters, adventures and gossip in the art world. Through this fusion, he created a marvellously skilled portrait of me in my role as Professor of Economics at St Andrews University. This was launched by public display in the gallery of St Andrews’ Fine Art for a period of weeks, and won wide acclaim from its discerning public for its craftsmanship, interpretation and evocation of character and place.

When John had first asked me whether I liked portraiture and, if so, what style in particular I admired, I introduced him to my portrait collection. He went visibly pink, and said: “Gavin, you’re setting me a high hurdle to clear!” In fact, he cleared this hurdle with ease, and in doing so, incorporated in a subtle, yet suggestive, way all the elements of portraiture I admire. However, my own predilections are but a minor part of the story, as the work will be, and to a degree already has been, appraised by many connoisseurs with finely tuned artistic judgement. They praise the portrait for its capturing of time and place and character, for its dynamic human quality, and for its skill in execution, which makes subtle reference to works, styles and techniques of the greats, yet is, through this synthesis, an unmistakably original work of art with as solid a Scottish impact as John Mackie’s lilting Scots tongue itself.

John Mackie was a star student at the Glasgow School of Art, and started his career with a travelling scholarship to the USA. His influences are many, North American and European, and he has had many phases of living and working abroad, notably in the USA, France, Italy and Turkey. He is a citizen of the world, yet rooted in a distinctive Scottish cultural milieu. I am proud to be described as a patron of John Mackie, and feel privileged to have had him create a magnificent portrait of me 'at work'. It was a process I would highly recommend to others, and I say it is a process, because it is not simply an individual act, but an unfolding of a new and indeed unique, long-lived work, whose purpose is not just for now, but for the contemplation and reflection of others for time immemorial."

-Gavin C Reid, Professor of Economics, University of St Andrews (1991-2013)-

Mary & John

"I received my first John Mackie painting 18 years ago as a Christmas gift from my husband. It was found by him in a gallery in Scotland where we lived. The painting has held a prominent place where ever we lived since. Last year we visited John's studio in Yorkshire. We were so happy to meet the artist whose painting I have loved for so many years. We subsequently bought 3 more paintings. His portraits also caught our eye. We then commission ed a portrait off us and our 2 jack russells. He did a fabulous portrait. His use of color and light in all his paintings is amazing. I feel fortunate to have a portrait done by John. A truly talented artist."

-Mary Cattell-

Work in Collections.

My work is featured in many corporate and private collections in Scotland, Ireland, England, Europe, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and Turkey. Including:

  • Ford Motor Company, Detroit, USA.
  • Warner Brothers, USA.
  • Becker Group, USA.
  • Bank One, USA.
  • Wright Associates, Detroit, USA.
  • Carharpt Corporation, Dearbon, Michigan, USA.
  • Clar-Hill Lawyers, Michigan, USA.
  • Pulte Homes, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan,USA.
  • Lisa Ford(Grandaughter of Edsel Ford), USA.
  • Tom Capo(CEO) Chrysler Co. USA.
  • Stanley Seneker (CEO) Ford Motors, USA.
  • New York Graphics Society, USA.
  • Dresdner Bank, Germany.
  • Clyde Port Authority, Glasgow, Scotland.

Galleries Showing John's Work.
  • North Seas Gallery, Charlevoix, USA.
  • Galerie Am Elisengarten, Aachen, Germany.
  • The Thompson Gallery, London/Aldeburgh, England.
  • The Tallantyre Gallery, Morpeth, England.
  • Breeze Gallery, Glasgow, Scotland.
  • The County Gallery, Altringham, England.