Commission an original piece of art just for you.

Ravenglass, Whitehaven - Oil on Canvas

When you commission art, a bespoke work is created for you for a particular place or time, to celebrate something or someone special, or as a unique gift. John enjoys working on commissioned art, bringing to life your request, whether in oils or pastels.

Commissions can cover a wide range of subject matters, but often include:

  • portraits – solo person and family portraits
  • homes and garden
  • landscapes – views, holiday locations
  • animals – horses, dogs
  • sports – golf, racing
  • cars, motorbikes and boats

If you are interested in a commission contact John himself through the contact page or alternatively, you can call him on 01535 642103 to discuss your ideas and requirements. Based on your information he will then be able to provide you with a quote for the commission and confirm the stages and timings to produce your painting or pastel.

Portrait Commissions by John Mackie.

Billy & Seve - Oil on Canvas

The first and most important reason for a Portrait is a likeness (Verisimilitude: to see clearly and record convincingly). Yes there is paint quality, Aesthetic appreciation and interesting composition but nothing is a success unless the Artist achieves a good likeness.

I have always enjoyed the challenge of a Portrait commission: when someone trusts me to record their features and Personality.

Commissioned work/Portraits of Horses.
Mel & Sammy - Oil on Canvas

Horses are incredible creatures and painting them is so exciting and challenging. They are so Graceful and Powerful - when they are running they are truly Poetry in Motion. In the recent Portrait that I painted of Mel and Sammy we don't have motion and Speed no, we have the unique bond between Mel and Sammy that is truly Sublime. When Mel first saw the Painting there were tears of Happiness!

Portrait Commissions.
  • 1974 Gerald Magrath - Senior Magistrate of Glasgow.
  • 1976 Duncan Miller - Council Officer, Glasgow City Chambers.
  • 1976 The Mackintosh Girls - Glasgow.
  • 1979 D. M. Doig - President of Association of British Chartered Accountants.
  • 1980 Michael Kelly - Lord Provost of Glasgow.
  • 1983 Mrs Black, the Clan McCauley - Scotland.
  • 1984 The Magrath Girls - Glasgow.
  • 1985 Councillor James Burns - Leader of Strathclyde Regional Council.
  • 1992 John and Sarah Mcnoo - Clarkston, Michigan, USA.
  • 1992 Vanessa, Nathanial, Gibb Topping - Clarkston, Michigan, USA.
  • 1992 Barbara Knaus - Clarkston, Michigan, USA.
  • 1994 Laura and Graham McCauley - Glasgow.
  • 1997 Patrick and Connie Atkinson - Haworth, West Yorkshire.
  • 1998 Mr and Mrs Thandi - Huddersfield, West Yorkshire.
  • 2002 Eddie Fish - Keighley, West Yorkshire.
  • 2006 Professor Gavin Reid - Head of Ecomomics, St.Andrews University.
  • 2010 The Goodale Family - Saffron Walden, England.
  • 2011 Ailiadh, Kenneth and Annabelle Reid - St.Andrews Scotland.(Gavin's Three).
  • 2011 Lynn and Nick Peacock - Henfield, West Sussex.
  • 2011 Julie-Ann Sutton - Belfast, Northern Ireland.
  • 2013 John Barnes - Alwwoodly Golf Club, Leeds.
  • 2014 Mary and John Cattell with their Dogs - Chicago, USA.
  • 2014 Stewart Spence - Royal Aberdeen, Scotland.
  • 2014 Stewart Spence - the Marcliffe Hotel, Aberdeen, Scotland.
  • 2024 Rory Mcilroy with the British Open Championship Cup.
  • 2015 Billy Foster and Seve Ballesteros.